The City wishes to experiment with eco-grazing for mowing certain plots and green spaces. It is therefore essential to identify the places which are suitable for these animals, search for specialised service providers and then test the grazing on the sites that have been identified. These areas will also have to be developed to temporarily house these animals (possible creation of shelters, fencing, etc.).

The main project organiser: OU Green spaces


  • Develop eco-grazing in the green spaces managed by the City. This approach will make it possible to reduce the use of fuel used to mow green spaces.

Expected reduction of CO2: To be quantified

Other impact(s):

  • Socio-economic: development of a sheep/goat production sector in the city, savings on maintaining plots (fuel, phyto products/fertilizer), freeing-up Green Spaces staff time for other tasks.
  • Cultural: raising awareness among visitors of the need to preserve nature in the city, educational activities, landscape benefits for the public and tourism.
  • Environmental: in terms of biodiversity, etc.


Follow-up indicators:

  • Ares of grazed land.

Results indicators:

  • Ares of grass maintained thanks to grazing.

Budget: €37,000