Olive oil

I replace butter with olive oil for cooking.


I adopt an economical and responsible driving style (I avoid sudden braking, sudden acceleration and I don't open my windows too often).


I use all my leftovers to prepare a weekly meal.


I regularly defrost my freezer (every 6 months).

I start composting organic waste. Several options are available to me: neighbourhood compost, throw my compost or vermicompost (terrace), use orange bags.


I choose a fridge and a washing machine A+++


I avoid air conditioning as much as possible (if I am too hot I hang a damp sheet on my window to cool the room. If that's not enough, then I prefer the fan.)

Rechargeable batteries

I use rechargeable batteries.

Pot with lid

I use a lid to cook food and choose a pan size that fits the cooking plate.


I introduce one meat-free day a week.

Wooden horse

I prefer to buy a wooden or second-hand toy rather than a plastic one.


I buy clothes second-hand  or in ethical and responsible fashion stores (slow fashion).


I make my own fries and prepare my own homemade mayonnaise.


I insulate the hot water pipes with foam tubes.

Christmas tree

I make my own Christmas decorations (origami, cotton, cut-outs) rather than buy them and I choose LED Christmas lights.