I use tap water instead of bottled water and replace my disposable filters with activated carbon.


I borrow my books from the library or my toys from the toy library instead of buying them.


I use all my leftovers to prepare a weekly meal.

Local beer

I drink local (or even Brussels) beer.


I replace my bulbs with LEDs or compact fluorescents

Green electricity

I choose a green electricity supplier.

Fruit and vegetable basket

I buy fruits and vegetables in bulk and without packaging.


I avoid air conditioning as much as possible (if I am too hot I hang a damp sheet on my window to cool the room. If that's not enough, then I prefer the fan.)

Christmas tree

I make my own Christmas decorations (origami, cotton, cut-outs) rather than buy them and I choose LED Christmas lights.

Washing machine

I wash at 30° (or even cold when it suits) and in the Eco cycle. I prefer ecological washing and rinsing products (Marseille soap and white vinegar for example)


I make my own fries and prepare my own homemade mayonnaise.

Wooden horse

I prefer to buy a wooden or second-hand toy rather than a plastic one.


I set my fridge at 4° and my freezer at -18° to keep my food in optimal condition.


I introduce one meat-free day a week.


I prefer local and seasonal fruits and vegetables rather than imported ones..