baby boom

For every birth of a Brussels citizen within the territory of the City of Brussels, a tree will be planted in a country in the South. The aim is to undertake a carbon certification project which involves planting trees to mitigate the effects of our CO2 emissions and contribute to reforestation, in collaboration with one or more NGOs. The parents of newborns will be informed of this action through a small card issued when the birth is registered. The information will also be published on the City's website.

The main project organiser:

OU International Solidarity


  • Plant a tree in a country in the South for all babies born in the territory of the City of Brussels (about 2000/year).
  • Take part in the international dimension requested by the Covenant of Mayors by helping reforestation in the countries of the South.

Expected reduction of CO2: 13 t CO2/year

Other impact(s):

  • Socio-economic: the work of local NGOs and the revenues/contribution if the trees produce food.
  • Cultural: solidarity
  • Environmental: reforestation, biodiversity, CO2 capture.


Follow-up indicators:

  • Number of births.
  • Number of trees planted.

Results indicators:

  • Kg of CO2 captured.
  • Number of carbon credits created.

Budget: €25,000