The issue of water is of major concern to the City of Brussels, which has developed its own strategy in this respect. There are various objectives: drastic reduction of rainwater discharges to the sewer, reuse of rainwater, etc. The Water Taskforce will be responsible for this alternative management, among other things through various training courses for staff members of the technical services in question. Moreover, competence for water will be created at the political level.

The main project organiser:

OU Planning and Development


  • Strengthen the resilience of the City of Brussels as regards heavy rainfall.
  • Train at least one person from each unit concerned from the Public Heritage, Urban Planning, Road Works and Land Administration departments.
  • Create a Taskforce.
  • Include a "water" reflection in the City's pilot projects.

Expected reduction in CO2: not applicable

Other impact(s):

  • Socio-economic: reduction of the risk of flooding in the affected districts.
  • Cultural: landscapes with hydraulic elements (ponds, rivers, etc.).
  • Environmental: reduction in energy consumption, tackling the urban heat island effect.


Follow-up indicators:

  • % of officials actually attending the training courses
  • Official implementation of the Water Taskforce
  • Per pilot project:
  • % of reused rainwater/quantity sent directly to the collector.
  • % of consumption of drinking water/reference consumption.

Results indicators:

  • number of projects involving alternative rainwater management.

Budget: According to projects