citizen spaces

The City wishes to make vacant premises available for associations and citizens' groups, to encourage sustainable initiatives.

baby boom

For every birth of a Brussels citizen within the territory of the City of Brussels, a tree will be planted in a country in the South.

Bxl carto

Via the City's website, the public will have easy access to a map listing the various businesses, sustainable centres of interest in the area and various associations (e.g.


The City wishes to devote 'Tuesday of the Environment' to the issue of climate change.

share car

Promoting this system involves creating a database and a map listing car-sharing locations.

Staff commitment for climate

In order to generate a team spirit among the City's staff and encourage participants to get more involved in the sustainable development approach undertaken by the City, three activities will be or


By tackling food waste and offering a minimum amount of organic products and vegetarian menus, this action will provide a healthier and more sustainable alternative to school canteens.

Active school mobility

The City wishes to diversify school transport and encourage active school mobility (cycling, walking).


Raising awareness among children is essential in stimulating changes in behaviour on the part of the public.


This action aims to collect accurate consumption data for public buildings in real-time.