The City wishes to provide adequate facilities to meet the regional requirements for (re)developing roads and making them accessible to PRMs (Persons with Reduced Mobility).

Diversified car fleet

The City wishes to set an example and implement actions to introduce cleaner vehicles and hybrid and electric vehicles in accordance with regional legislation.


The City wishes to extend the existing bicycle plan in the context of the future Regional Mobility Plan.

electronic one-stop-shop

Via a computer fitted with an electronic identity card reader, Brussels residents can order civil status certificates, population certificates (household composition, residence certificate, etc.) a


The City of Brussels has decided to go down the teleworking route with the BXL20/21 project, which involves relocating the Administrative Centre, digitisation, and the introduction of "New Ways of

Grouped purchases of green energy

The City is rolling out grouped purchases of energy (100% green gas and electricity) for private individuals, the liberal professions and small businesses in the City of Brussels.

Bxl solar

The City intends to generate renewable energy (electricity) on its public buildings and in public spaces. The aim is to generate and consume locally, by promoting self-consumption.

Bxl light

Thanks to new technologies, the light efficiency of buildings and roads is increased, while electricity consumption is reduced.

Brussels papers

The City of Brussels is undertaking a vast project to modernise its administration, in which one of the aspects is the digitisation of its working methods.


Concerned about the impact of events on the environment, the City of Brussels offers support to festival organisers by making an online form available to them.