I avoid air conditioning as much as possible (if I am too hot I hang a damp sheet on my window to cool the room. If that's not enough, then I prefer the fan.)


I wrap my gifts in beautiful fabrics instead of paper packaging.


I maintain my car and check my tire pressure regularly.

Olive oil

I replace butter with olive oil for cooking.

Picnic basket

I don't use disposable dishes when I eat outdoors.

Power strip

I hunt down devices in standby, I install intelligent power strips.


I avoid using the microwave to thaw food.

Christmas tree

I make my own Christmas decorations (origami, cotton, cut-outs) rather than buy them and I choose LED Christmas lights.


I set my fridge at 4° and my freezer at -18° to keep my food in optimal condition.


I opt for local tourism on a small scale, with locals or camping.


I replace one portion of red meat with one portion of white meat per week.

Pot with lid

I use a lid to cook food and choose a pan size that fits the cooking plate.

Local beer

I drink local (or even Brussels) beer.

Green electricity

I choose a green electricity supplier.


I place heat-reflecting panels behind my radiators.